The business case is intended for – AAS provides solutions in consultation with a specific agency under 40 US.C. 501 and pursuant to an Executive Agent designation for the acquisition of information technology under the oversight of the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 (ITMRA) of the Office of Management and Budget. Since the GSA has the specific legal authority to provide services and supplies to federal agencies, the power of the Economic Law does not apply to the provision of solutions to federal agencies by the GSA, with a few minor exceptions. (i) Before issuing an application, both the service agency and the applicant organization sign an interagent written agreement setting out the terms and conditions governing the relationship between the parties, including roles and responsibilities for procurement planning, contract performance, and the administration and administration of the contract(s) or orders. The requesting agency must provide the service agency with all clear terms and conditions and applicable agency-specific laws, regulations, guidelines and other requirements for inclusion in the order or contract. In the event that there are no clear requirements of the Agency beyond the FAR, the requesting Agency shall inform the contract agent of the Service Agency in writing. For acquisitions on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, see also subsection 17.7. For patent rights, see 27.304-2. When preparing interagency agreements in support of supported procurement, authorities should review the Federal Procurement Policy Office guidelines, Interagency Procurement, available under (a) Written agreement on responsibility for management and administration — (ii) Each agency`s record shall contain the inter-agency agreement between the applicant organizations and the oversight bodies and shall contain sufficient documentation to ensure appropriate review in accordance with section 4.801(b). .