Postal customers can register for this (free) function by filling out this customer contract form [pdf]. In particular, you must agree not to use “Suite” or “Apt.” before your box number. If addressed in this way, the mail can be returned. You also cannot use the Address option as a physical residence or registered office in legal documents. It is important to note that if you are using a PBSA-style address and then close your mailbox, you must submit change of address forms for both the PO Box format and the PBSA format. And both forms should have the same redirect address. Lee, just to clarify that all packages that were sent to me via USPS and that are addressed with my mailbox address are absolutely delivered to my mailbox and will never be returned to the sender. Over the years, I have received many, many packages that USPS had as freight forwarders that were addressed to me (with an example of a generic address) 123 Main St. Unit 505; Anytown, USA 00000. I firmly believe that your mail is misinformed, but of course I could be wrong, and it may be my mail that makes the mistakes. Yes, it works, at least with my PO at So Cal. I didn`t fill out a form or check a list.

I had just sent an email there with the format in this article, address of the station with “Box #”. I sent discounts simultaneously to my postal address on the site and to the station address with my box number. I did it 4 times, getting all 8 discounts. If you`re worried, just deliver a piece of mail to you and see if your employees deliver it to your box. Can you use a P.O. Box number with the mail address for Social Security and Medicare information? If the person does not have a fixed domicile at the moment? Even if you fill out the form, there is no certainty that the people who receive the package at the local USPS have heard of this program, which allows your package to go to sunset. Effective January 17, 2016™ the Postal Service will revise the U.S. Postal Service`s Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) Section 508.4.5.4 to clarify maximum weight and size standards for private carrier packages intended for competing Bureau Office Box customers™ who are authorized to receive such packages at their mailing address.

Thank you very much for this information. I`m very excited that I don`t have to pay the ridiculous price to UPS. The format of the Address Po Box Street or PBSA is simply the road address of the post office itself, plus the PO Box number. For example, if your post office declared itself on the 1st The possibility of using the postal address of his postal address with the customer`s PO Box number with the pre-registration # as follows: […] at the street address, a customer`s postal address can be either the address of the PO Box in which his PO Box is located, followed by the # number and P.O. Box or P.O. Box number.