Food, candy, chewing gum and drinks are not allowed on stage unless these items are “props” and are necessary as an integral part of the play. Specific foods and beverages must be approved in advance by Starbright. Dishes or drinks used on stage must not leave stains or residue on the floor or curtains. Starbright strongly advises against the use of fatty foods and Coke drinks. Bottled water is allowed for actors on stage. When the seating system is expanded in the “Theatre Seats” configuration, no meals, SWEETS, CHEWING GUM OR DRINKS are allowed in the public space. Bottled water is allowed in the auditorium. (a) in addition to the provisions of paragraph 6 (c), in the event of a delay with any of the terms of this Agreement or when the premises become vacant for any reason; f) in the event that licensee`s or any third party`s property of The Bing Crosby Theater is removed, disposed of and/or stored in accordance with any provision of this Agreement, all costs of withdrawal, disposal or storage shall be borne solely by the cost and liability of licensee. Licensee waives any claim for damages or destruction of its property and agrees to exempt the Bing Crosby Theater and GVD from third party losses, liability or claims and to maintain them unharmed. The tenant must not cause damage to the theatre facilities or equipment by intentional or negligent acts.

At the end of the rental, the theatre and all equipment should be returned to Starbright in the same condition as at the beginning of the rental. All damage must be repaired by the tenant. (a) The illegality or inapplicability of any of the provisions of this Treaty shall not render the remainder unenforceable if the basis of the Treaty can still be implemented fairly. The licensee represents and warrants, in its own name and on behalf of the performer, that all material to be provided by copyright (or films to be presented) has been duly authorized or authorized by the copyright holders or their representatives, and the licensee represents and warrants in its own name, on behalf of the performer, that all license fees or other fees or charges are guaranteed, which result from the use of copyrighted material in this performance, have been approved and paid in full….