AUSTRALIA: The IMF and Australian subsidiaries AMWU and AWU, as well as three other unions, recently entered into a constructive relationship agreement with the French company. According to the agreement, Thales recognises that “the workforce at all levels and regardless of the function in the workplace, whether employed directly or indirectly, has the right to join and be represented by the trade union concerned, including the right to bargain collectively in good faith and to have adequate union representation and information in the workplace”. Thales also expects and encourages its other partners, i.e. entrepreneurs, to respect workers` trade union and collective rights. This is a major breakthrough in a company that was hostile to trade union activity during the eleven years of the Conservative government in Australia. Recent changes to labour legislation, which introduced greater protection for workers and increased powers for trade unions to conclude collective agreements, have been crucial in reaching this agreement. The 2 lines have heavy traffic in the delta region and ENR needs to increase its capacity. Thales will submit to the ENR a turnkey offer for the modernisation of the signalling and telecommunications system, for the rehabilitation and modernisation of the tracks – it will be converted from a single line to a double line. In parallel, Thales will explore both the possibility of setting up a national CTC for the ENR network and the addition of an ETCS-L1 solution along the 2 lines. The provisions of the Treaty offer trade unions a real opportunity to organise employees for the benefit of these workers and the company. The AMWU, along with another union, has begun organizing focus groups and introductory courses for the company`s employees at some larger sites, with encouraging results. • The framework agreement concerns the modernisation of signalling and telecommunications, the rehabilitation of tracks and the double-track modernisation of the Qalyoub – Menouf – Tanta line and the Qalyoub – Shebin El Qanater – El Zagazig line, two of the main priority lines for ENR in the Delta region of Egypt.

• The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is dedicated to the modernization of 2 interlocking stations in Farz and Limon Bridge. • With these new agreements, Thales is strengthening its close relationship with Egyptian railways. • The signing of these agreements means a significant improvement of the railway network in Egypt, which will be safer, more modern and faster. Thales employs a total of 3,800 people at more than 35 sites in Australia. Approximately 2,200 are covered by the applicable collective agreements. The remaining 1,600 are primarily employees covered by individual common law contracts or expired collective agreements, and the vast majority of them are not unionized. The company`s stated intention is to move over time to a single national agreement that covers all employees. Mike Nicolaides, Secretary of AMWU`s Technical, Regulatory and Administrative Departments, welcomed the agreement, which formally recognises the benefits of union membership and cooperation with unions. “Not only has the company signed a document, but it also gives practical expression to the document in the workplace and facilitates contact between employees and unions in largely non-unionized places,” Mike said. The agreement will feed into Thales` national framework agreement, meaning that 3600 workers across the country will have access to this holiday. Thales has been present in Egypt for more than 40 years and employs around 500 people (including joint ventures) in the country.

With these new agreements – the framework agreement for the modernization of the signal and telecommunications, the rehabilitation of the tracks and the rehabilitation of the tracks of the Qalyoub – Menouf – Tanta (94 km) & Qalyoub – Shebin El Qanater – El Zagazig (64 km) line and the memorandum of understanding for the modernization of 2 signal boxes in the Farz and limon bridge, Thales strengthens its relations with the Egyptian National Railways as well as its position in Egypt. “We commend the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, the Electrical Trades Union, the National Union of Workers and Professionals Australia for defending this demand and securing this right, and Thales for taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of workers and their families. Michele O`Neil, CUTA President: “All workers should be entitled to at least 10 days of paid leave, which is a big step forward for all Thales employees. 10 days of paid leave is what front-line staff and experts believe is necessary for victims of domestic or family violence to escape and move themselves and their families. Thales has been present in Egypt for more than 40 years and employs around 500 people (including joint ventures) in the country. Thales is modernising the signalling system of the Cairo-Alexandria rail link, the country`s busiest with more than 25 million passengers a year. As a result, capacity and safety have been improved, with train speeds increased from 140 to 160 km/h and cycle times between trains reduced by 10 to 5 minutes. The Morrison government has so far granted only 5 days of unpaid leave, leaving workers with the impossible choice to protect themselves and their families and maintain their financial independence or keep their jobs.

“We need to change the rules so that all workers have 10 days of paid leave, which is enshrined in national employment standards.” “The Australian labour movement is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to this life-saving demand. The Morrison government is not in tune with the evidence, community support and the need for 10 days of paid domestic and family violence. ENR and Thales have also signed a memorandum of understanding for the upgrade of 2 interlocking stations in Farz and Limon Bridge. The 2 Farz and Limon Bridge towers are located in the heart of Cairo, around Cairo Ramsis Station, Cairo Central Station, and will complete the ongoing modernization of the Cairo-Alexandria corridor. With the modernization of these 2 stations, ENR will have a fully compatible signalling solution, with which the system is already implemented in Cairo Alexandria. This modernisation aims to improve ENR operations around Ramsis station by improving the level of safety when trains from different branches approach the main station. Workers at the Thales Plant in Garden Island have access to 10 days of paid leave for families and domestic violence as part of a new ABE chosen by workers on Tuesday. “The Morrison government is failing to do what is necessary to protect workers and their families from domestic and family violence.

5 days of unpaid leave are clearly insufficient. This makes Thales the largest manufacturing workforce in Australia to establish this vital new claim. The framework agreement for the modernisation of signalling and telecommunications, the rehabilitation of the tracks and the modernisation of the double tracks of the Qalyoub – Menouf – Tanta & Qalyoub – Shebin El Qanater – El Zagazig line is a continuation of a memorandum of understanding signed in Madrid in September between Thales and ENR. .