The Visitor Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) should be used when your company`s customers have access to trade secrets. We have removed many of these provisions from other NDAs in order to make it a short and easy-to-understand agreement. something that visitors should not object to. It is recommended to give a copy to the visitor after authorization. It is forbidden for the visitor to make statements to a third party (3rd) party about the things he or she has seen. If there`s anything about the tour I did last week that`s not already released, I missed it, so I`m not in danger of revealing it by accident. When I signed the NDA, I thought they shared secrets, which improved my perception of the value of the visit. Given the admission to the company`s facilities, I will remain strictly confidential with any business secrets or confidential information that will be disclosed to me. I will not remove any documents, materials or other materials from the premises without the written permission of the company. I will not photograph or record any other information that I have access to during my visit. Your email address will not be published. Mandatory fields are identified * This clause defines the information that the visitor must keep confidential.

You have the option to list certain items in section 2(d). For more information on trade secrets, click here. The last video on Youtube was a week ago, told in German, subtitled in English: Enter the name of the company or organization that represents the person. .