Scooter Software guarantees and presents that: a) it has all the rights, titles and interests of the software, the right to enter into and provide the license rights conferred by this agreement and is not a party to an agreement, contract or office that is in conflict with this agreement; (b) the software does not, in good conscience, violate patents, copyrights or trade secrets or other third-party property rights; (c) the appearance of a date or year does not affect the performance of the software; and d) the software is not contaminated with malicious codes (e.g.B. self-spreading programming instructions, often called viruses, worms or Trojans). Site License Key: An unlimited license key with a single location can be used by all customer staff members who are personally on the site, on sites within 100 miles from the website called “site” in the license key. This license is also granted to the client`s employees, who typically work on the website while working on other sites such as customer sites or at home. The client has the right to sublicinate the rights of this license agreement to third-party consultants, which he retains for the performance of IT functions (a “local advisor” each time), while he is personally present on the site to use the Software exclusively for internal activity and use the client, and for no other purpose. The client ensures that this on-site advisor complies with the terms of this license agreement and is responsible for any violations on the part of that local advisor. Beyond Compare was created using a series of open source libraries. The source code is available on the respective websites, and all scooter Software customizations can be emailed to: For our postal address and other contact information, visit: access our online FAQ and our knowledge base at: The single user license fee for Beyond Compare is $30 (dollars) for the standard edition and $60 for the pro edition. The latest information on multi-user discounts and upgrade policies can be found in our online store at: For the latest version of Beyond Compare and other program news, check out our website: A single key to using the software beyond the 30-day free trial period (“Licence Key”) can be purchased on Scooter`s website, which is currently A license key can be purchased for individual or multiple users, all users on a site or an entire company.

A license key is categorized according to the set of features (Standard Edition or Pro Edition) and the operating system platform (Windows platform, Linux platform or dual platform). A price list on Scooter Software`s website contains price details for all licensing options.