Sometimes it is a “WTO Brexit” because the UK would only have trade with the EU in accordance with World Trade Organisation rules. In the absence of trade agreements, the subsequent combination of full-fledged customs and regulatory controls at the EU-UK borders, as well as the application of tariffs and quotas to many products, could lead to serious disruption. For decades, a multi-party consensus has emerged in Washington on the importance of promoting and preserving the peace process in Northern Ireland. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan expressed support for a peaceful solution to the conflict and offered economic assistance, the latter overseeing the creation of the International Fund for Ireland. In recent years, the U.S. government has provided emissaries to facilitate the peace process. George Mitchell – President Bill Clinton`s envoy for Northern Ireland – helped mediate the Good Friday agreement. Richard Haass – President George W. Bush`s envoy for Northern Ireland – helped save the deal when he was shaken by slow progress in dismantling, leading to the historic announcement made on 23 October 2001 by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) that it had begun not to use its weapons. Gary Hart – President Barack Obama`s envoy for Northern Ireland – supported talks that prevented the collapse of the deceded institutions and culminated in the Stormont House agreement in December 2014; Haass and Meghan O`Sullivan (a Harvard professor who served as a senior official in the Bush administration) allowed a previous roundtable discussion. The envoy`s position remained vacant in the Trump administration, Former Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson wrote to Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a letter at the time the position was “retired” following the creation of the Assembly.23 The Irish backstop was a protocol in the (un ratified) Brexit withdrawal agreement that would have kept the UK (generally) in the UNION Customs Union.23 (particularly) in some aspects of the European internal market (in particular). until a solution is found to avoid a difficult environment. This should not compromise the Good Friday agreement[47] and preserve the integrity of the European internal market.

This would only have come into effect if there were no other solutions before the end of the (agreed) transition period. I strongly agree that the violation of international law is not something that a government should do, but it has nothing to do with the protection of peace in Northern Ireland. We are now in the strange situation where Johnson and Co is violating international law to give itself the power to conclude a withdrawal agreement, including a protocol in Northern Ireland that itself violates an agreement under international law, the Good Friday Agreement. “The current wish of a freely exercised and legitimate majority of northerners is to maintain the Union and, therefore, northern Ireland`s status as part of the United Kingdom reflects this wish and is based on that wish; and that it would be wrong to change the status of Northern Ireland with the agreement of a majority of its population.¬†Without going into the details of Protocol N.1, it clearly changes the status of N.I., breaks the G.F.A., and thus international law. Yet, myself and many others, since the people of Northern Ireland sit every day and listen to Southern Irish politicians, American politicians and MEPs who say that what Johnson is doing is endangering the G.F.A., maybe they should read the G.F.A., and perhaps Mr Johnson should have done the same. , as well as the withdrawal agreement at the end of 2019, before adopting its current trajectory.