PROCOOL has focused on testing and adapting cooler performance, because we believe data is the best way to improve ourselves. That`s our main value. As the responsible manufacturer of glass-door cabinets, we provide our customers with detailed test reports as well as various certifications such as CE, UL and DOE, to ensure that our products meet their requirements. We strive to pull quickly and efficiently and maintain the optimal temperature of 0-7.2 degrees Celsius to ensure customer and consumer satisfaction. Our works have never disappointed her. As the main vector of cold drinks in Cola, the Coca-Cola refrigerator is one of TCCC`s most popular advertising tools (The Coca Cola Company) and has been a major contributor to the sale of beverages. Combined with the classic red Coca Cola logo and creative graphic design, the coke cooler can always stand out from the competition to impress consumers. Both beverages and consumers are attached to the refrigerator, and the refrigerator becomes the key to connecting them. More sales for coca, more popular for the Coke refrigerator.

More popular for the coke refrigerator, more turnover for coca. The acrylic logo engraved on the illuminated glass will make this Coca-Cola refrigerator a high POS light. The exterior body is available for durable stainless steel materials, so this Coca Cola cold drink fridge looks trendy and luxurious. ith so much successful experience, we are confident to meet TCCC`s different advertising needs for different outlets through our different refrigerator models and branded solutions. Every component of the Coca Cola refrigerator is a branded tool you may never have imagined. Light box, glasses, door frame, handle, LED lighting, cabinet, side body, colors… You`ll see our eye-catching design as custom refrigerator stickers that draw attention to the highly effective graphics in the following introduction of a variety of coke screen refrigerators. Back refrigerator bar with 1/2/3 front glass doors on which branded stickers could be added. The glass door handle of the refrigerator could be adapted with different colors, lengths or even the Coke logo to customize the swivel door model. LED-lit stickers, prints or logos can be added to the glass door to light up the brand and make this small Coca-Cola refrigerator more upscale. Let`s look at an example of how exclusive trading worked.

It`s the Coca-Cola and Pepsi refrigerator. Have you noticed that if you go to the supermarket and want to buy a drink, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are kept in separate refrigerators? There is another refrigerator for coca-based drinks and another for Pepsi drinks. Why is this happening? Why does this happen all the time in any convenience store, in every country? The main reason for the success of these two brands, Coke and Pepsi, was not so much that the recipe they had was so beautiful and so much better than anything else in the past. Also related to the marketing they do, advertising, but another factor, the ingenious contractual agreements they had with retailers and distributors. Coca-Cola, in particular, has been the leader in creating contractual agreements that will help dominate certain markets. Coca-Cola has been the leader in the implementation of exclusive distributor management contracts.