When renting property, it is very important that you understand your obligations as a tenant. Most of the responsibilities are defined in the lease and some are legislated. Before you sign the lease, make sure you understand it completely. The rebate for the purchase of your home under the right to purchase is a fixed rate set by the government and not linked to years of rental. We understand that not all homes are an appropriate environment to accommodate a pet. This is particularly relevant for the accommodation of cats and dogs in accommodations with common entrances and common areas. Your contract is called Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). The actual length of the lease and the contractual terms may vary. Initially, Aspire offers a rent of at least six months and a maximum of 12 months, as well as a renewal option depending on the initial trading period. This is subject to the agreement of each lessor, as in some cases the owners may agree that the contracts are awarded for a longer period of time. If you wish to terminate your lease with us, you must: the discount offered to you depends on your rental period and the maximum regional rebates set by the government.

are an insured tenant and have a tenancy agreement for a period of three years without interruption According to the terms of the lease, the owner must insure the property and its own contents. The landlord will not provide insurance to cover the personal property or furniture of the tenants. Aspire recommends that all tenants purchase content insurance that coincides with the start of the lease. You reside in apartments specially provided to the elderly and (in some cases) disabled Laura Wright, emergency accommodation – lwright@aspireinc.co.uk The list below contains some of the most important responsibilities and obligations provided to tenants either by the rental agreement or by law; We hope you found the above useful, but remember that you should read YOUR rental contract. At Aspire Residential, we want you to be safe and comfortable in your home and, if you have any questions about the property, lease or tenant obligations, please call us. We`re here to help. Once a person has entered into a support and development agreement with Aspire, they receive regular visits from staff members to help them acquire the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a lease and a healthy lifestyle and identify the goals and aspirations of their own progress. Tenants who share with others must ensure that they understand that they are jointly responsible. Most leases stipulate “common and multiple liability.” This means that each adult named in the rental agreement is a tenant and is alone and in a group responsible for all the rent and the entire property. Your rental date will be set from the first Monday after receiving your written notification or form.