If I enter the “My Colleges” section of the common application, he doesn`t ask me about ED or RD. Under which section should I look for?

Mir said I could use ED electronically without having to print anything. How can I do this, and where is the ED form on the application`s common site?

Does it have a link between the downloaded/transmitted status of the high-level agreement and your consent? Has anyone made their parent-ED agreement a “submitted” and included it in their ED school? Who from previous years? Feed-back please

surnance that among the advisor he says he is submitted next to an agreement. good luck!

I don`t see a “box gc” anywhere, but I see where he says school report, etc. Nothing is marked as indicated, and he only says that my advisor is invited. We use Naviance if it makes a difference. Maybe my advisor sends everything to the

by gc “deposited”, that is, under the gc-box with the transcript, school report, etc. see?

ok, I`ll send an email to my advisor to make sure that. Thank you!!!

Mine said all the time and I made my decision. Don`t worry

On of past help, but do parents and counsellors sign different forms? My mother said she signed the ED form and filed it (as shown on CA), but there was no section to sign on her form for an advisor. Should I email another form to my advisor?

You go to the specific CA university.

It is asked if you want to use ED or RD. Then he opens the necessary forms for you.

it. If you add college, choose ed or rd if you oick ed, the form is with recommendations. You sign electronically, have Gc signed electronically and email your relative to sign.

no. everyone receives an email asking them to do so separately. Both do not see each other. If the parent says “deposited” and the gc says “deposited,” you`re good!

Navianz is different. Yes, yes. You may have dropped everything off there

E! There are sections that say “counsellors” “teacher” and “parents,” etc. If the board area has a green exam and the “Parents” section has an exam and it is the “parent-ED agreement filed,” does that mean I`m already good?

ReaSing this option AFTER I send my screaming dances?

You can change the school as if so, change that.