The Ontario government has excluded important young hockey players from the Employment Standards Act, 2000. The government achieved this by adding a new regulation under the act. Information gathered on potential class members will help the Council continue the group action and assess the damage to the class as a whole. Providing the requested information does not make you the customer of Charney Lawyer`s PC. The court will ultimately decide who will be admitted as a member of the class. Charney Lawyer`s PC, a law firm specializing in class actions, has filed lawsuits on behalf of former CHL players. Major junior hockey is a big deal to generate revenue for teams, while dedicated young hockey players who work their hearts are not paid. We want to change that. October 2016: Ted Charney appears on CBC to discuss players` claims to pay. Listen to me here. Job class lawsuits on behalf of thousands of top hockey players in the WHL, OHL and QMJHL have been decided. Today, we are pleased to announce a $30 million agreement to compensate legitimate players. December 2015: Walrus magazine publishes a detailed article by Nicholas Hune-Brown on CHL Class Complaints entitled “Hockey`s Puppy Mill: A Former Junior Player Makes the CHL Judge.” The article contains some background information and details some of the main disputes.

Read the article here. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the Canadian Hockey League, the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and all OHL teams on behalf of current and former hockey players. Our position is that the standard player contract is actually an employment contract in which the players have agreed to provide services to the club. If this class action is upheld, the court will determine whether the hockey players are employees. If we can do that, legitimate actors would be entitled to the minimum wage and overtime pay, as would other young people who work for companies. You are a member of the class if you played for an OHL team in Ontario between October 17, 2012 and November 15, 2018, or if you were a player under the age of 18 on October 17, 2012. July 2016: Hockey News published an article titled “Why it might be a good thing for junior teams to pay a minimum wage – and fewer of them” by Ken Campbell, who supports the payment of the minimum wage for junior hockey players. Read the article here.

The parties have put in place a class action lawsuit by the major junior hockey players of the OHL, the WHL and the QMJHL. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Alberta Court of Queen`s Bench and the Quebec Superior Court will hold a hearing on the approval of the transaction on September 15, 2020. August 13, 2015: Washington state lawmakers passed a law in May that gives Western Hockey League teams the right to avoid paying minimum wages for players.