32. An arbitral award is final and involving all parties, whether or not a party has participated in the arbitration proceedings. “migratory birds,” birds under federal law adopted under the international convention and are more likely to belong to their eggs; 8. For greater security, if the parties agree, in the original budgetary funding agreement, that Canada will provide time-limited federal funds to all first nation responsibilities defined in this agreement and that Canada properly provides time-limited federal funding, Canada is not required to negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement on the provision of additional financial resources for one of the responsibilities. 2. Every five years or any other agreed period, and the parties strive to reach agreement on a budgetary financing agreement that, b. (a) has provided the appropriate efforts of the federal expropriation authority to acquire the shares of Tsawwassen Lands by agreement with Tsawwassen First Nation; 2. The tax use contract is effective and validated and its provisions have the force of law during the period during which they are in force. 6. Pending the expiry of an existing budgetary financing agreement, the parties fail to reach agreement on a subsequent budget financing agreement, the existing budget financing agreement is 36. An agreement within the meaning of paragraph 35 replaces any consultation within the meaning of Clause 34.

“International Treaty” refers to a written agreement under international law: E. Tsawwassen First Nation has never entered into a contract or land agreement with the Crown; 25. Contracting parties may negotiate and attempt to enter into agreements on one of the subjects covered in point 26 or 27, but an agreement under these clauses is not a precondition for the exercise of legislative authority by the Tsawwassen government and this power may be exercised immediately after the six-month notice under clause 23. (d) establish and publish a provisional list of persons with the right to vote on the basis of information provided by the registration committee, at least 60 days before the first day of voting; C.