FAR 42.1204 suggests that stock purchases do not require an innovation contract. However, the sale of assets will require a renewal of government contracts. However, in both cases, it is still up to the contract agent to authorize or not to award an innovation contract. See the difference between the award of the contract vs. If you are involved in criminal misconduct charges involving a state contract renovation, call our federal prosecutors immediately at 1-866-601-5518. In the appeal, the OHA found that the two companies, in the absence of formal renovation of the contract, that the seller was still responsible for the performance of the contract, existed in the same industry. Ultimately, a contractor`s obligations to innovate depend on the form of merger/acquisition chosen by the parties. While this selection is naturally supported by many factors, potential innovation commitments should be part of it. For any buyback transaction involving FAR government contracts, the buyer and seller should understand the difference between the renewal of state contracts and the awarding of the contract. You simply cannot give up the existing contract without the consent of the adjudicator. The facts of your case should justify an assignment, not a re-inscency.

Watson – Associates, FAR-Novation of Contract Lawyers: As soon as a contractor has identified the need for an innovation agreement, he must prepare a “novation package” for submission to the competent contractor (for more information, see below). While the contract agent has some discretion in this area, he generally expects the parties to submit the following documents as soon as they become available. There are several legal issues arising from the financing contract for the FEDERAL FAR-Gesetz contract during the purchase and sale of business, the assignment and transfer of federal contracts in the case of government contracts. The common problems that arise with the terms of the transfer clause are: (1) if the seller is simply trying to sell the contract without real assets, (2) how the asset sale contract should be structured and whether the contractant`s innovation authorization must first be approved and (3) to what extent the contracting agent must approve the new one. The first step is to be proactive in the early stages of the asset purchase or share sale process.