A delegation disagrees if it threatens the economically defensible expectations of the obliged. For example, a task requiring specific skills or based on the unique characteristics of the promise cannot be delegated. If a particular celebrity was hired to give a speech, they could not delegate the task to another person, even if the other person would make the same speech, word for word. However, a transfer of power that does not constitute such a threat is considered valid. In this case, the subject is required to cooperate with the delegate to the extent necessary to carry out the delegate`s obligations. Following the decision, delegation agreements will be published on the AEMF website to ensure that all parties involved are properly informed. Delegated registration information is the process by which an integrity plan (or any other agency responsible for registration information) agrees to transfer part of the notification information review process to a qualified entity and must provide the delegate`s control for compliance with program requirements. Delegated registration information includes three key elements. The delegation agreement outlines the responsibilities of the plan and the delegated body, the evaluation and evaluation of the notification information program. This will allow the integrity plan to have all the information it needs to determine whether the proposed entity is meeting the standards of the plan and the monitoring in progress, while ensuring that the delegated unit continues to work consistently. In administrative filing information, delegation is defined as a formal process in which an organization gives another organization the power and responsibility to perform certain functions on its behalf through a contractual agreement.

For health plans that wish to delegate elements of their identification process to another agency, ncQA and URAC require several elements, including an evaluation before the delegation, a delegation agreement and prudential assessment activities. Regardless of the delegated registration activities, accreditors maintain the health plan responsible for the complete certification of its suppliers. As a result of the information on a proposed delegation agreement in paragraph v), the AEMF has the option of issuing a notice within one month (calculated in accordance with the regulation (EEC, Euratom) No. 1182/71), in accordance with Article 28, paragraph 4, of the AEMF regulation. The delegation agreement must be agreed between the health plan and the delegated body through a dated and binding document that can be a stand-alone contract or an endorsement of an existing agreement.