Article with single author: Last name, first name. “Title of the article.” Journal Short Name in italic Volume number (published year- year): number of pages. Z.B, Smith, John. “Studies in pop rocks and Coke.” Weird Science 12 (2009): 78-93. For an article written by two or more authors: List them in order as they appear in the Journal. Only the name of the first author should be reversed, while the others are written in normal order. Separate the authors` names with a comma and place “and” between the last two authors. BJAN performs a double-blind verification process, so remove all data that you or your institution can identify from text. Critics will not know who is responsible for the book if they verify it, and the authors will not know who checked their manuscript at any stage of the publication process. Therefore, the manuscript should not contain identifying information such as the names or affiliations of the authors. Checklists are not just an administrative hurdle. We ask you to fill out a checklist, as it helps you notice if you haven`t included all the important information in your article and because it helps our editors and reviewers complete the same review. If the checklist indicates an object you did not process in your manuscript, please explain in the manuscript text why this information is not relevant to your study or add the relevant information.

All authors should have made essential contributions to all the following data: Text: Indicate references by high-level figures in the text. It is possible to refer to the authors, but the reference number (s) (s) must always be indicated. c) Clinical information: case reports, introduction of new techniques, methods and equipment. In order to reduce delays, authors must stick to the level, length and format of Hilaris SRL journals at every stage of processing, from the presentation of the manuscript to the revision phase. Submitted articles must contain a 300-word summary/summary separate from the main text. The summary should provide a brief overview of the work, clearly specifying the purpose of the study and the methodology used and briefly highlighting the main findings. The text may contain short subtitles of no more than 40 characters. Submission procedure (e-mail communication) – after sending your document, you will receive an email to indicate whether the submission process has been successful or not; and if your paper is received and checked to see if it is within the standards, you will receive another email. If the document is “August of standards,” the author is informed by email and corrections can be made to the following address: Disputes: All disputes related to copyright violations and scientific misconduct are carefully considered and if the author pleads guilty, the editor may refuse the author/The Writings or blacklist him. Each author is required to explain his individual contribution to the article. All authors must have been significantly involved in the research and/or preparation of the article, which is why roles must be described for all authors.

The assertion that all authors approved the final article should be true and be included in the disclosure statement. It is important that the manuscript file is stored in the native format of the Word processor used. The text should be available in the format of a column. Keep the text layout as simple as possible. Most formatting codes are deleted and replaced when the article is processed.