C. The use of profits or the coverage of proposed losses in accordance with the annual report adopted. The Board of Directors is seeking the re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnersskab, in accordance with the recommendation of the Audit Committee. The audit committee has not been influenced by third parties and is not subject to any third-party agreement that limits the choice of certain auditors or audit firms by the general meeting. Polls44. (1) A vote on a decision may be requested – a) before the general meeting whether it should be put to a vote, or b) is declared at a general meeting, either before a game of hands or immediately after the vote by a show of hands on this resolution. (3) The request for an inquiry may be withdrawn if: a) the vote has not yet taken place and b) the presiding officer accepts the withdrawal. Each general meeting must have a period of 7 days 7 days before the convening. However, a general meeting or meeting at which a special decision must be adopted must be 21 days in advance. Paragraph 2 of Section 181 provides for a short-term meeting at which all voting members agree and auditors also agree (if appointed). The Company also made a number of changes to improve the quality of shareholder participation at the general meeting. The new resolution and meeting requirements generally apply as of October 1, 2007, but financial statements and reports generally apply to billing periods beginning April 6, 2008 or after that date. Quorum for the Ocial Assemblies38.

No transaction other than the appointment of the President of the General Assembly shall be concluded at a general meeting if the quorum of the participants is not reached. All members of society who have the right to participate and vote at the general meeting of the company to be held on (an attached copy notification) agree: Assembly outside the state A general assembly may be held outside the state where unanimity is held, otherwise it is obligatory to make the necessary arrangements for members to participate in such an assembly by technical means without leaving the state. The transaction that must be taken into account at a general meeting is described in Section 186. General MeetingsCommunication of General MeetingsProcess at General Meetings Individual Member VotesA single member is simply a company with a single member. All powers that can be exercised by a corporation at the general meeting are exercised by the sole member, without the need for a general meeting. However, this does not apply to the power to remove an examiner. The decision would then be submitted to the CRO within 15 days.