sstné: verbal agreement/Tradition dohoda/tradice Rental-sale: rental-salemlouva o spl`tkovém prodeji It is important that there is full coordination and agreement within the G20. pedmett: purpose/object of the agreement/treaty “Principle”: agreement in principle: Agreement in principle: we cannot respect our agreement if it is forced to a referendum. The competent authority of the required state gives its approval in accordance with its national procedures. Soon after, the king will have no choice but to reach an agreement with us. Buyers should enter into contractual agreements with caution, as they are sure to read the fine print. Lease agreement: lease n`jemné smlouva k nemovitosti This assignment is carried out with the agreement of the competent authority. n Jimné: lease/lease agreement, lease, residential lease k bydlen/contract does not jemné smlouva an agreement, agreement or a promise of two or more parties by written agreement, signed and provided, by which one of the parties promises to the other that something is done or done or will not be done or will not be done or will not be done or that the truth is established. (Source: WESTS) shodnout se: We have not yet reached an agreement. Zatém jsme se neshodli. knock-for-knock agreementdohoda o zéknuté se postihu kaédé pojiéovna kryje jen edkodu svého klienta p`edman-elské: vore ehevertrag,hovor. This is hardly surprising for such a complex subject and we may not have yet reached a full agreement on our views.

Agreement: in agreement with sb souhlasit, b`t zajedno s kém, bét téhoé n`zoru ticha: tacit agreement/approval/approval, tacit agreement, connivancettich” souhlas dospét: we have reached an agreement. Dospelia jsme k dohod. Concerted agreements and practices cannot be implemented during this three-month period. Union: union contract smlouva s veden`m firmy partnership: partnership agreementspole`enské smlouva shodné: in agreement/agreement with sthshodné s`m v souladu The Commission enters into an agreement with the supplier on a possible reduction or increase in the costs initially set.